Friday, September 22, 2017

More Beginnings

Well, today is the beginning of Fall. A new season - my favorite actually because of the colors and temperatures. For me that is all it is. A turn of the calendar, a change of season. But each new beginning, each change of season, makes me consider time and how precious it is.

I also took a step on what may be a new journey today. I sent in my resume for a job. A temporary, part-time ministry job. I don't know if I will be offered the position, but I felt God encouraging me to knock on the door. I am seeing it as part of the discernment process for my future work. With the homeschooling journey ending, I'll be starting something new this time next year. Hoping to figure out what it is. So I begin and try to trust God for the journey.

So, what's new with you?

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Song for Sunday: Gotta Serve Somebody

I heard this old Bob Dylan song while listening to a local jazz band on the steps of our library. Summer jazz on the library plaza is a great feature of my town.

It's message is a good one.

Who am I serving? A good thing to keep a check on.

Do I really want it to be God?  Attitude plays a big role in service (and worship!)

How can I serve God best? Examining my life and working to improve.

But it is also a good song. So be inspired by it or just enjoy it.

And have a blessed Sunday!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Song for Sunday (A day late): Peace Be Still

Seem to be a lot of storms about lately. Hurricanes, monsoons, forest fires fueled by wind. And on and on.

Also, metaphorical storms involving medical emergencies, family trauma, spiritual crises, and feuds.

So this song for Sunday, based on Mark 4: 35-41, seems apropos. It is my prayer.